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Upgrading Eazfuscator.NET Integration with a Project

Article ID: KB100042Published: August 31, 2023


Please follow the instructions below to upgrade Eazfusator.NET integration with a project:

  1. Launch Eazfuscator.NET Assistant from Microsoft Visual Studio by clicking on ToolsEazfuscator.NET Assistant menu item. Alternatively, it can be launched from the Windows Start menu:

    Eazfuscator.NET Assistant

  2. Locate the project of interest in Solution Explorer window of Microsoft Visual Studio

  3. Drag and drop the project onto the green zone of Eazfuscator.NET Assistant

  4. Return to Microsoft Visual Studio. The following window may appear:

    File modification detected by Visual Studio

  5. Press Reload All button


This article applies to:

  • Eazfuscator.NET 1.1 or higher