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Upgrading Project Integration for UWP Apps Obfuscation

Article ID: KB100038Published: November 12, 2015


Eazfuscator.NET requires a tighter integration with a project build process in order to create correct AppX packages for UWP applications. Some earlier Eazfuscator.NET 5.1 beta versions did not apply such level of integration and there was a risk of getting an invalid AppX package after the obfuscation. That is why the projects protected by the affected versions of Eazfuscator.NET need an upgrade; otherwise, the following error message is produced during obfuscation:

UWP apps obfuscation requires the project integration to be upgraded.
Please follow instructions at

The link in the above error message points to this article.


Project upgrade is an easy task. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Reapply Eazfuscator.NET integration to the project


This article applies to:

  • UWP app projects protected by Eazfuscator.NET 5.1 beta versions
  • Eazfuscator.NET 5.1 or higher