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Opting into Eazfuscator.NET Customer Experience Improvement Program

Article ID: KB100034Published: January 7, 2015


Eazfuscator.NET Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) helps to improve the quality, reliability and performance of Eazfuscator.NET by sending anonymous error and statistics reports to Eazfuscator.NET CEIP server through the internet.


Please follow the instructions below to opt into Eazfuscator.NET CEIP.

  1. Launch Eazfuscator.NET Assistant from Microsoft Visual Studio by clicking on ToolsEazfuscator.NET Assistant menu item. Alternatively, it can be launched from the Windows Start menu:

    Eazfuscator.NET Assistant

  2. Press Options button.

  3. Eazfuscator.NET Options window will appear. Click on Customer Feedback Options... link

  4. Select Yes, I am willing to participate in Customer Experience Improvement Program option:

    Eazfuscator.NET CEIP options

  5. Press OK button