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Eazfuscator.NET License Key Installation

Article ID: KB100033Published: November 10, 2014


Please follow the instructions below to install Eazfuscator.NET license key.

  1. Launch Eazfuscator.NET Assistant from Microsoft Visual Studio by clicking on ToolsEazfuscator.NET Assistant menu item. Alternatively, it can be launched from the Windows Start menu:

    Eazfuscator.NET Assistant

  2. Press 🛈 button

  3. Then, press Change Key... button:

    Change Eazfuscator.NET License Key

  4. Enter your license key:

    Enter Eazfuscator.NET License Key


    If you do not have a license key for Eazfuscator.NET, you can purchase one from the store.

  5. Click OK button


This article applies to:

  • Eazfuscator.NET 3.4 or higher. Earlier versions did not require a license