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Configuring Eazfuscator.NET for Restricted Target Platforms

Article ID: KB100031Published: September 19, 2014


Eazfuscator.NET uses System.Reflection.ObfuscationAttribute for declarative configuration. At the same time, target system suppliers may impose restrictions on .NET APIs that can be used by code. Chances are that you may be unable to use the ObfuscationAttribute or types inherited from System.Attribute base class for a particular target platform.

Here is a sample error dump that you may get while trying to configure Eazfuscator.NET for such a restricted target platform:

Error 1    'System.Attribute' referenced in System.Reflection.ObfuscateAssemblyAttribute::.ctor(System.Boolean) is not allowed in Crestron's sandbox.
Error 2 'System.Attribute' referenced in System.Reflection.ObfuscationAttribute::.ctor() is not allowed in Crestron's sandbox.

Thankfully, Eazfuscator.NET can be configured with a standalone configuration file to work around the restrictions.


Please follow the instructions below to configure Eazfuscator.NET for a restricted target platform:

  1. Configure Eazfuscator.NET with a standalone configuration file


This article applies to:

  • Eazfuscator.NET 4.2 or higher. Earlier versions do not support standalone configuration files