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Manual Removal of Eazfuscator.NET Integration from a Project

Article ID: KB100024Published: December 9, 2012


Eazfuscator.NET can be integrated with a project to provide seamless obfuscation during the project build. If you uninstall Eazfuscator.NET then you may want to remove Eazfuscator.NET integration from the projects that were previously obfuscated by Eazfuscator.NET.


Please follow the instructions below to manually remove Eazfuscator.NET integration from a project. Instructions depend on a way Eazfuscator.NET is integrated with the project:

  1. Open the project file in a text editor

  2. Remove all Eazfuscator.NET imports and properties as illustrated below:


<Import Condition=" '$(EAZFUSCATOR_NET_HOME)' != '' and Exists('$(EAZFUSCATOR_NET_HOME)IntegrationMSBuildEazfuscator.NET.targets') " Project="$(EAZFUSCATOR_NET_HOME)IntegrationMSBuildEazfuscator.NET.targets" />




This article applies to:

  • Eazfuscator.NET 1.1 or higher