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Upgrading WPF Project Obfuscation Settings to Enable XAML Renaming

Article ID: KB100020Published: October 4, 2012


XAML renaming feature for WPF was introduced in Eazfuscator.NET 3.5. Projects obfuscated by earlier versions of Eazfuscator.NET should be upgraded to enable XAML renaming in order to achieve a better obfuscation coverage of XAML symbols.

Possible Side Effects

Please note that allowing Eazfuscator.NET to rename XAML symbols may be a breaking change for your project. If latter is the case, then an additional project tuning may be required by employing declarative obfuscation attributes.


Please follow the instructions below to upgrade your project:

  1. Change Eazfuscator.NET compatibility version for the project to 3.5 or higher


This article applies to:

  • Projects protected by Eazfuscator.NET version prior to 3.5
  • Eazfuscator.NET 3.5 or higher. Earlier versions do not support XAML renaming for WPF