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Version: 2023.3

12.7. Common Errors

12.7.1.  EF-1099: Unable to load input assembly, reflection load failed

Error EF-1099 [2] occurs when input assembly or one of its dependencies cannot be loaded. Possible solutions for this problem:

  • Specify a probing path
  • Put a missing assembly near the input file

12.7.2. EF-3035: Assembly or part of it is already obfuscated

Error EF-3035 occurs when input assembly is already obfuscated. Eazfuscator.NET stops processing and exits with error code 1, thus indicating the error condition.

You may prefer to just skip the processing of an assembly without raising the error. In order to do that, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions on making Eazfuscator.NET to ignore EF-3035 error

  1. Open obfuscatable project inside the IDE

  2. Add new source file to the project and call it ObfuscationSettings.cs (for C#) or ObfuscationSettings.vb (for Visual Basic .NET). You may prefer to use another name instead of ObfuscationSettings.cs or ObfuscationSettings.vb

  3. Fill ObfuscationSettings.cs with the following content (C#):

    using System;
    using System.Reflection;

    [assembly: Obfuscation(Feature = "ignore error EF-3035", StripAfterObfuscation = false)]

    For Visual Basic .NET, fill ObfuscationSettings.vb with the following content:

    Imports System
    Imports System.Reflection

    <Assembly: Obfuscation(Feature:="ignore error EF-3035", StripAfterObfuscation:=False)>

[2] Eazfuscator.NET before version 3.2 produced error code EF-E-1099 instead of EF-1099.