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Version: 2023.3

9.3. NuGet Package Manager

NuGet is the package manager for the Microsoft development platform. It allows you to add a library or a tool to your project quickly.

Eazfuscator.NET is not an exception and can be added to your project via NuGet too.

Why ever bother to use NuGet when we have MSI? A good question. Actually, there are no many reasons to do so. However, some usage scenarios cannot work with MSI. Let's take a look at the list:

  • Hosted TFS Build Agents may disallow software installs. This depends on TFS infrastructure administration policies. They may prohibit the installation of third-party software on host machines
  • Azure DevOps does not allow software installs

This is the point when NuGet becomes useful for Eazfuscator.NET deployment.


Add Gapotchenko.Eazfuscator.NET NuGet package to the project(s) you want to obfuscate. Once the package is added, the project will be automatically obfuscated in Release configuration as usual.

To remove the obfuscation, uninstall Gapotchenko.Eazfuscator.NET NuGet package from the corresponding project. Alternatively, you can drop the project in the red zone of Eazfuscator.NET and it will uninstall the package for you.


Eazfuscator.NET uses a locally installed license when it works as a NuGet package. If the license is not installed, it looks for EAZFUSCATOR_NET_LICENSE environment variable and gets the license key from there. So, to license Eazfuscator.NET at a build server, just configure EAZFUSCATOR_NET_LICENSE environment variable to contain a corresponding license key.

Alternatively, EazfuscatorLicense MSBuild property may be used to specify a license for Eazfuscator.NET. This approach may be useful in environments that could not propagate the environment variables.