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Version: DocBook V4.5


graphicco — A graphic that contains callout areas


Content Model

graphicco ::=


Common attributes


Callouts, such as numbered bullets, are an annotation mechanism. In an online system, these bullets are frequently “hot,” and clicking on them sends you to the corresponding annotation.

A GraphicCO is a wrapper around an AreaSpec and a Graphic. An AreaSpec identifies the locations (coordinates) on the Graphic in which the callouts occur. The GraphicCO may also contain the list of annotations in a CalloutList, although the CalloutList may also occur outside of the wrapper, elsewhere in the document.

Processing expectations

Formatted as a displayed block.

The mandatory processing expectations of a GraphicCO are minimal: a system is expected to render the graphic, if possible, and the callout list, if present.

In online environments, the processing system may be able to instantiate the linking relationships between the callout marks on the graphic and the annotations. For example, an HTML presentation system might use the coordinate information to construct a client-side image map. Some processing systems may even be able to go a step further and generate the callout marks automatically from the coordinate information. But this level of sophistication is not mandatory.

Future Changes

In DocBook V5.0, GraphicCO will be discarded. In its place, use MediaObjectCO.


The following elements occur in graphicco: areaspec, calloutlist, graphic.


<!DOCTYPE graphicco PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
<areaspec units="calspair">
<areaset id="oneway" coords="">
<area id="oneway1" coords="300 400"/>
<area id="oneway2" coords="325 340"/>
<area id="myhouse" coords="425 590"/>
<!-- This is not a real URL! -->
<graphic fileref=""/>