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Version: DocBook V4.5

DocBook Character Entity Reference

The reference pages in this section describe each of the ISO character entity sets referenced in DocBook.

A Note on Unicode Character References and Glyphs

Most of the glyphs this reference are from the TmsPF Roman font by Production First Software. A few glyphs are from Everson Mono, and are provided with the permission of Michael Everson.

The Unicode character numbers and reference glyphs in this section are examples only. Some characters have more than one Unicode representation and different Unicode characters may be appropriate in different contexts. Similarly, the glyph images offer only one of many possible representations for the specified character.

Unicode support requires much more than a simple character to glyph mapping; for more information on Unicode, consult The Unicode Standard, Version 2.0 and Unicode Technical Report #8, which describes Unicode Version 2.1.