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Version: DocBook V4.5

Organization of This Book

This book is divided into three parts. Part I: Introduction is an introduction to structured markup and DocBook:

Chapter 1, Getting Started with SGML/XML

A quick introduction to structured markup.

Chapter 2, Creating DocBook Documents

How to make DocBook documents.

Chapter 3, Parsing DocBook Documents

Parsing and validating DocBook documents.

Chapter 4, Publishing DocBook Documents

How to publish DocBook documents.

Chapter 5, Customizing DocBook

How to customize DocBook.

DocBook Element Reference

A reference guide to the DocBook elements.

DocBook Parameter Entity Reference

A reference guide to the DocBook parameter entities.

DocBook Character Entity Reference

A reference guide to the character entities declared in DocBook.

Part III: Appendixes discusses other resources:

Appendix A, Installation

How to install DocBook, Jade, and the stylesheets.

Appendix B, DocBook and XML

DocBook as XML.

Appendix C, DocBook Versions

A guide to DocBook versions, including a summary of the features expected in future releases.

Appendix D, Resources

Other resources.

Appendix E, What's on the CD-ROM?

What's on the CD?

Appendix F, Interchanging DocBook Documents

An interchange checklist. Things to consider when you're sharing DocBook documents with others.

Appendix G, DocBook Quick Reference

A Quick Reference to the elements in DocBook.

At the end of this book you'll find a Glossary and an Index.