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Version: DocBook V4.5

Appendix E. What's on the CD-ROM?

The CD-ROM that accompanies the print version of this book contains a number of useful resources.

Please read the readme.txt file in the root directory of the CD-ROM. It describes any last-minute changes or additions that were made to the CD-ROM after this appendix was written.

DocBook: The Definitive Guide

/sgml/ contains the sources for this book in SGML.

/html/ contains an online version of this book in HTML.

/help/ contains a compiled HTML Help version of this book.

/examples/ contains the complete examples from this book.

The DocBook DTD

/dtds/docbook/db30 contains DocBook V3.0.

/dtds/docbook/db31 contains DocBook V3.1.

/dtds/docbk/db315 contains DocBk XML V3.1.5.

/dtds/docbk/sdb3151 contains a simplified DocBk XML V3.1.5.1.

/dtds/isoents contains ISO entity sets needed for the DTDs.

/dtds/usadod contains the CALS table model DTD needed for the SGML DocBook DTDs.


/style/ contains various stylesheets.

/style/dsssl/docbook/ contains the Modular DocBook DSSSL stylesheets. These are the Jade stylesheets described in Chapter 4, Publishing DocBook Documents.

/dtds/dsssl/anotess/ contains the Annotated DSSSL stylesheet DTD and related files.

/style/xsl/ contains various XSL stylesheets.

/style/xsl/docbook/ contains the XSL DocBook Stylesheets V0.12.

Other Programs

The /apps directory contains source and binary releases of other, related software, including the Jade and XT distributions. The /bin directory contains the format script briefly discussed in Chapter 5, Customizing DocBook.